Cross Culture Youth MINISTRY caters for ALL High School Students using CUSTOMISABLE options that we hope will engage not only different age students, but also the different personalities of the students. We do this by CUSTOM MAKING spaces that will meet each student where they're at. 

Here at Cross Culture Youth we're serious about 3 things...
a) Being real and honest about discovering God
b) Knowing each other better
c) Having a stack of FUN!!!

We acheive this with FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH Grades 6-9 &
Customisable YOUTH CLUBS that happen either on Friday night or at any time during the week.

6:00pm - 8:00pm
Grades 6-9


YEAR 6 & 7's

FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP for the yr 6-7's will have their night in 3 main blocks_

a) Free Time (Canteen Open) 
b) Game Time 
c) Teaching Time with Discussions. 

Our hope is to pitch the Teaching Time to be totally relevant to where 
they are at - in their language and at their level_


YEAR 8 & 9's
On the FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH GROUP for the Year 8 & 9's we'll be
inviting them into Youth Clubs (Small Groups).

We believe the small group style suits the older ones better. 
It means they can Customise their experience each Friday night. 
They can request topics to study and even play their own games. 
As we roll into 2018 we hope to see mid-week Youth Clubs spring up, 
which will further Custom make Youth Discipleship to suit the students.


YEAR 10-12's
We invite anyone in this age come along to our Wednesday Night Young Adults Dinner
It costs $5. We do Dinner and then a Bible Study which is age appropriate and relevant 
to where they're at. Please contact Ps Matt for more details.


(all High School ages)
We always have some Excursions & Incursions that occur each term which
all High School students are welcome to join in on. The events and details will be here on our website and also on our Facebook Page.


If you have questions or would like a registration form contact me for more info _
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Matt Birch
Associate Pastor (Youth / Young Adults)
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